We hold great value to synergy, vision, and innovation. That is SynviGroup's philosophy.

Our team consists of passionate and creative members, whom offer expertise in diverse fields. Our goal is to reach optimal results through the use of productive teamwork.

Our vision is to build strong relationships with our associates, so that we can equip them with the best solutions, cutting edge technologies, and a dynamic presence, all of which will give them the competitive edge.

Our services/solutions are creative, efficient, effective and are always up to date to the latest developments.

We help businesses operate more effectively through the Software & Network Solutions Department, by offering network and application services that focus on improving management control, file management/sharing, DBMS design, communications.

The Web & Graphics department handles the creation and launching of websites, the design and implementation of complete corporate profiles and the creation of effective Internet marketing campaigns.

The field of information technology is evolving constantly through new ideas and technologies.
SynviGroup guarantees to offer innovative solutions that implement the latest technologies.